COVID-19 First Aid Training Safety Precautions

COVID-19 First Aid Training Safety Precautions

Safety first in our training courses is paramount  

As we learn to live with COVID-19 it is important that our training continuously evolves, and our classrooms remain safe in line with both government and awarding body guidelines. To put you at ease we thought we would answer some frequently asked questions so that you feel safe within our training environments.

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What precautions are in place before and during training?

  1. Prior to training, we will send you an information pack. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you should not attend training, contact us, and follow the NHS guidelines.
  2. Trainers will ensure that classrooms have adequate ventilation to minimize risks.
  3. Our trainers will also come prepared to make sure that they have enough resources to perform training safely. For example:
  • Handwashing facilities and/or alcohol hand sanitizer
  • Gloves for practical involvement during the course if desired by the delegate
  • Ample number of manikins as well as new manakin lungs/airways/valves
  • CPR face shields will also be available if requested
  • Trainers will keep all our equipment clean with single-use bandages and alcohol wipes.


We have made some small adaptions to ensure you are fully protected in line with government and awarding body guidelines:

It is mandatory that our trainers teach and demonstrate rescue breaths on our courses. Due to regulations surrounding COVID-19, delegates are only required to perform compression-only CPR during the course whilst simulating rescue breaths.

Please note that the teaching and demonstration of rescue breaths are still required for pediatric first aid training. (Manikins will be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol wipes between each use and manikin lungs and airways will be replaced and disposed of after each training session to ensure your safety.)

Will we still learn the RECOVERY POSITION?

Yes, you will learn to demonstrate the placement of a casualty into the recovery position at least once during the course. Our trainers will ensure that adequate PPE is available providing gloves, face coverings, and hand sanitizer as a minimum, to maximize the safety of learners.

Will we still cover CHOKING, BANDAGING, AND SLINGS on the course?

Yes, we use training choking vests to demonstrate the procedure and you will be provided with suitable PPE prior to using. Our trainers will also ensure that all equipment is thoroughly cleaned.

You will still demonstrate the application of bandaging and slings on another learner. You will be provided with your own bandages and slings and these will not be shared and will be disposed of after each course.

During the practice of this exercise, you can also apply the bandages to your own leg to minimize risk.

Lastly, what about the use of the ADRENALINE AUTO-INJECTOR?

You will be asked to demonstrate the use of the auto-injector on your own thigh, again verbally explaining any supporting information needed by your trainer.

Once again trainers will ensure that all equipment is thoroughly cleaned between use.

We hope that this puts your mind at ease and that you are looking forward to training with us.

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