The New Cross Counties Training Blog

The New Cross Counties Training Blog

The world can be a confusing, manic place in which to live. The last couple of years have been particularly challenging for everyone; the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have left many people feeling a little lost and often, extremely stressed.

A little about us

We are specialists in First Aid Training who are commissioned to go into organisations and provide training to aid the professional development of the staff. It is an important role, and one we take very seriously.

We operate across the UK and our training syllabus is approved by First Aid Awards Ltd. which is regulated by OfQual. So, if you would like to talk to us about our training provisions to businesses and organisations across the UK, call us on 07599 086885 or email us.

Our Experiences

Now, one of the best things about our business is that we get to meet people from all walks of life and have seen just how the last two years have impacted much of the workforce. So we thought that we would start a blog as a way of communicating some of our tips to aid in the general well-being of the public.

Yes, we are experts in First Aid Training, but we also have some very popular Training programmes in First Aid for Mental Health.

With our new blog, we intend to bring you hints, tips, and news which reflect our experiences in providing training as well as some issues we come across in our daily lives.

We hope you enjoy reading a bit about our team, our offering, and how staying on top of first aid and mental health issues can really benefit you and your colleagues.

Get in Touch

We are First Aid Training Specialists and provide traditional First Aid and First Aid for Mental Health Training Courses. If you have a staff and would like to speak to us about how we could help with your training requirements, make sure you call us on 07599 086885 or email us. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.